A curious programmer
with 15 years of experience
writing client-side & server-side software.

Work Experience

❧ Kickstarter

Staff Engineer

New York, NY

❧ Kickstarter


New York, NY
  • Built new features (social, i18n, address validation, graphql api)Rails, GraphQL, JS
  • Refactored/enhanced existing features (authentication, surveys, creator tools)Rails, JS, Elasticsearch
  • Upgrades: managed downtime-free upgrades for various parts of the stack Rails, Ruby, Elasticsearch
  • Security: managed security upgrades, setup hosted bug bounty program to streamline our bug reporting process.
  • Performance: optimized GC, debugged bottlenecks in our stack

❧ Dollar a Day


New York, NY
  • Built a nonprofit-giving tool that raised and distributed over $300k among 365 nonprofitsRails, JS, SOAP, AWS, Mailgun
  • Migrated our payments system from NetworkForGood to Stripe
  • Wound down service after 1 year and open-sourced the Rails app at @dollaraday/dollaraday_template

❧ Limewire


New York, NY
  • Helped build [unlaunched] music service Grapevine HTML5, Java, JS, Scala, Python
  • Worked on original music service LimeWire StoreJava, Wicket
  • Helped build LimeCast, an open podcast directory and podcast torrent seed HTML5, Rails
  • Maintained and helped re-architect LimeSpot social network Rails

❧ Chroniql

Ruby Developer

New York, NY

  • Built a ‘gamified’ photo-management webapp: a REST web service that communicated with a Flash frontend Rails, S3
  • Helped build a messaging framework to asynchronously process tasks Ruby, EC2
  • Integrated Flickr & Facebook APIs
  • Helped build a SMS-based social network tool rmbrme.com Rails

❧ Personal Work

Contractor & Experimenter

  • Prototyped & built www.eyeslicer.com (2016-2017) Rails
  • Built a workspace gallery wherewedowhatwedo.com (2007-2017) Rails
  • Developer contests: Rails Rumble '08, Kynetx Developer Context '10
  • Part-time developer for trapezeschool.com (for locations in NYC, Boston, DC and LA) (2007-2015) PHP

❧ 12 Spokes LLC

Business Partner & Developer

Salt Lake City, UT
  • Co-founded a small consultancy with three friends
  • Worked on several projects: financial tool, baby-themed blogging engine, etc Rails

❧ Sento Corporation

Ruby Developer

Salt Lake City, UT
  • Helped build an innovative e-commerce tool used on high-traffic sites JS, Rails, S3
  • Wrote a useful browser extension that greatly simplified the demo process for marketing team JS, XUL
  • Short stint maintaining data warehousing scripts Perl

❧ InfoSauce

Web Developer

Salt Lake City, UT
  • Built valid, cross-browser sites & CMS's for banks, concert venues & non-profits HTML, JS, Python, Zope
  • Worked on an online RFID-trackier webapp using MapInfo api JS, Rails, SOAP
  • Built a site, custom CMS and internal calendar for a concert promotion company Rails
  • Developed a custom CMS for an art gallery AJAX, MySQL, PHP

Other Adventures

  • Member of Reach Out and Read of Greater NY's Young Leaders Board (2008 ~ 2014)
  • Leonardo Project Volunteer: Sebastião Salgado Exhibit (2005)
  • Sundance Film Festival Volunteer: IT Dept & Theatre Dept (2003 ~ 2007)
  • Salt Lake Film Society Volunteer & Employee (2003 ~ 2006)


❧ University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT
  • Received B.A. in Film Studies; minored in Philosophy
  • Tutor: Final Cut Pro and other OSX software (Tutoring Center, 2001)
  • Pilot "ArtsTechnology" program participant
  • Intensive language Study Abroad in Nagano, Japan (shinshudaigaku, May ~ June 2002)

❧ Online courses

  • Coursera: Nand2Tetris Part 1 (Sepember 2017)
  • NYU: CS Bridge Program (currently enrolled)

Skill Set

Operating Systems
OSX, Linux, WinXP/2000, Solaris
Nginx, Apache, Unicorn, Lighttpd
HTML5/CSS, JavaScript (+node.js), Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, ASP, XUL, Scala, Typescript, React/Redux
git, Subversion, VSS
MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, redis, ElasticSearch